Sorry, I’m M.I.A as hell. I’m currently teaching in Korea.. Sooo yeah. Not even in America anymore LOL. I need to workout again. My muscles are gone. T_T 

Today I was out walking in short shorts, and I heard some girls whisper as they walked by. ‘Ugh, why would she even wear shorts if they are gonna show off her gross stretch marks?’ Hearing things like this makes me so angry.
Let me clarify that my stretch marks are not gross. They are little stripes on my skin that my loving boyfriend cannot seem to stop kissing or running his fingers over.
Everyday I look at them covering my thighs and bum, all I can think of is how I have now lost the weight that I had once gained so quickly, shedding it off with eating better and exercise.
Please, anyone, when you see someone out walking or doing exercise and they have stretch marks on them, don’t make fun of them. 
Stretch marks are not something to look down upon. They do not always occur on people who have gained weight. People get them from gaining muscle too quickly as well, and losing weight too fast. They are not ugly. They are not ‘gross.’ They are a sign of growth.

Your stretch marks are lovely and natural. And that girl can kiss your ass. I have stretch marks on my knees and my butt. If somebody doesn’t like it, they can go rub up on someone’s else’s body. I wouldn’t want someone like that any where near me anyway. :) 
Update: 06.24.13

Hi! I just wanted to announce that I’ve weighed myself for the first time since my old roommate moved out. (About 9 months) 

And I am now 120lbs. 

What a weird thing to say. I don’t think I’ve been 120 in a pretty long time. 
I fit in my clothes better and I just FEEL better. 

I know it’s mostly from what I’m eating since I’ve been pretty slack with the workouts. 

Just wanted to post it. More for myself, since I haven’t told anyone. It feels nice to say it without feeling like I’m bragging. :) 

Happy Summer, everyone! 

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I follow so many blogs of people younger than me and would love to follow more people my own age & older. 

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Random update. Sorry for being so MIA.

WOW I’ve been so stressed lately. I got a job! Now I’m doing the paperwork to get my work visa to fly out. 

I finally got in a workout today because I couldn’t take it anymore. I feel a lot better now. 

My stress levels have been off the charts. 

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I’ve lost all routine of working out. It’s been really hard moving home and not getting any where. I’m falling into the chores/responsibility routine instead of the workout/apply-to-jobs-to-move routine. It’s a hard thing to balance. Wish I knew where to start. 



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around the world lunges - bomb.

Who comes up with such torture? :-/

Lunges are fucking awesome.. Until the morning after true story

this looks like a damn good move


If you are into healthy eating you might wanna watch HungryForChange. It’s great, it helped me so much!!

I recommended this movie 1000%

crunchless ab workout. Great for your abs + booty ;)